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effect of ph and temperature on enzyme activity pdf

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Trichoderma strains were extensively studied as biocontrol agents due to their ability of producing hydrolytic enzymes, which are considered key enzymes because they attack the insect exoskeleton allowing the fungi infection.

Enzyme assays are laboratory methods for measuring enzymatic activity.

Initial Rate Enzyme Kinetics pp Cite as. It has long been recognized that enzyme catalysis is markedly influenced by alterations in the hydrogen ion concentration. They proposed that the enzyme, which was assumed to be amphoteric, could exist in its acidic, basic or isoelectric form, and they suggested that it was this latter state of the enzyme that was catalytically active. However, it remained for HALDANE some ten years later to suggest that it was the charge distribution associated with certain functional groups on the enzyme, rather than the isoelectric point of the enzyme, that was responsible for the observed alterations in the rates of enzyme catalysis induced by changes in hydrogen ion concentration 3.

Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity

The following has been excerpted from a very popular Worthington publication which was originally published in as the Manual of Clinical Enzyme Measurements. While some of the presentation may seem somewhat dated, the basic concepts are still helpful for researchers who must use enzymes but who have little background in enzymology. Enzymes are affected by changes in pH. The most favorable pH value - the point where the enzyme is most active - is known as the optimum pH. This is graphically illustrated in Figure Extremely high or low pH values generally result in complete loss of activity for most enzymes. As with activity, for each enzyme there is also a region of pH optimal stability.

Measure the time taken for amylase to completely break down starch , by withdrawing samples at 10 second intervals and noting the time at which the solution no longer gives a blue-black colour with iodine solution but the iodine solution remains orange. Use buffers to provide solutions at different pHs. This procedure is simple enough for individuals to carry out if you have enough dimple tiles. If you choose to investigate five pHs, then groups of five students could complete the investigation by working together and pooling results. Amylase solution and iodine solution are low hazard once made up.

Immobilization of laccase on the functionalized methacrylate-acrylate copolymer microspheres was studied. Poly glycidyl methacrylate- co -n-butyl acrylate microspheres consisting of epoxy groups were synthesized using facile emulsion photocuring technique. Laccase immobilization is based on covalent binding via amino groups on the enzyme surface and aldehyde group on the microspheres. The results obtained from FTIR exhibit a good agreement with the epoxy content method. The activity of laccase-immobilized microspheres increased upon increasing the epoxy content.

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The single most important property of enzymes is the ability to increase the rates of reactions occurring in living organisms, a property known as catalytic activity. Because most enzymes are proteins, their activity is affected by factors that disrupt protein structure, as well as by factors that affect catalysts in general. Factors that disrupt protein structure include temperature and pH; factors that affect catalysts in general include reactant or substrate concentration and catalyst or enzyme concentration. The activity of an enzyme can be measured by monitoring either the rate at which a substrate disappears or the rate at which a product forms. At this point, so much substrate is present that essentially all of the enzyme active sites have substrate bound to them.

Enzymes review

The optimum temperature is commonly determined in enzyme characterization. Here, we show that the optimum temperature is not a constant. These observations rely on the fact that close to the melting temperature, thermal denaturation continuously decreases the active enzyme concentration as the assay progresses.

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Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity

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pH strongly affected the enzyme activity from all tested strains. Temperature in the range of °C did not affect enzyme activity. was found as the most promising strain to produce chitosanase with maximal enzyme activity of about IU/gds, followed by (~ IU/gds) and ( IU/gds).

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Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity


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