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advantages and disadvantages of prestressed concrete pdf

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In ordinary reinforced cement concrete, compressive stresses are taken up by concrete and tensile stresses by steel alone. The concrete below the neutral axis is ignored since it is weak in tension. Although steel takes up the tensile stresses, the concrete in the tensile zone develops minute cracks. The load carrying capacity of such concrete sections can be increased if steel and concrete both are stressed before the applications of external loads.

Prestressed Concrete

Pre stressed concrete PSC is concrete in which internal stresses are developed in a predetermined manner such that the stresses induced due to external loading gets balanced with these internal stresses of concrete. This is generally achieved by tensioning the reinforcing steel. Concrete in its normal state has a high amount of compressive strength. However, compared to its compressive strength, concrete has almost no tensile strength. Therefore, if normal concrete is used to build the slabs, it would sag under the compressive pressure of the weight upon it, and eventually cracks and crumble.

Prestressed Concrete – Method, Advantages & Disadvantages

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Most of the prestressed members are precast and therefore all the advantages or precast concrete hold true for prestressed concrete also. To know the advantages of precast concrete click here. In addition, there are advantages to be gained by prestressing when conditions are favorable to its use. Following additional advantages due to prestressing have been claimed, when prestressed concrete is used. Geotechnical-Material Engineer. You can follow me on Instagram. To know more about me just visit AboutMe.

Pre-Stressed Concrete: Advantages, Disadvantages & Types of Tensioning

Though Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials, there are lot of disadvantages associated with it. Some of these disadvantages of concrete are modified by adding admixtures or modifying the concrete structure and ingredients. Still there are lot of limitations associated with concrete. Major limitations of concrete are listed below. Three major modes of failure of materials are brittle, quasi-brittle failure, and ductile failure.

Prestressed concrete is a form of concrete used in construction. It is substantially "prestressed" compressed during production, in a manner that strengthens it against tensile forces which will exist when in service. This compression is produced by the tensioning of high-strength "tendons" located within or adjacent to the concrete and is done to improve the performance of the concrete in service.

Prestressed Concrete is simply concrete that is stressed before concrete is poured in from work with the help of jack and tension embed in it. As we generally know that concrete is the mixture of three main ingredients which are cement fine mixture of clay, limestone, and small amount of gypsum ground up to the desired degree of fineness , sand only river sand or obtained through pit and aggregate Made form blasting and grinding from rocky soil and when we add water free from impurities in this mixture it creates concrete which we use for various civil work. Engineers come with the solution to introducing High strength steel bars into concrete members.

The original concept of prestressed concrete was that it was crackfree under service loads.

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Prestressed Concrete- Advantages and Disadvantages


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Construction requires perfect supervision at all stages of construction. Prestressed concrete needs skilled labors. Print, PDF & Email.

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It requires high strength concrete and high tensile strength steel wires. The main disadvantage is construction requires additional special equipment like jacks, anchorage, etc. It requires highly skilled workers under skilled supervision. Construction cost is little higher than RCC structures.

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