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By Jeanne Avery. Originally published by Fireside Books in Republished by Paraview Special Editions in

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Get Book Now. Product Description From author and psychotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss comes the classic bestseller on the true case of the past-life therapy that changed the lives of both the prominent psychiatrist and young patient involved—now featuring a new afterword by the author.

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By Jeanne Avery. Originally published by Fireside Books in Republished by Paraview Special Editions in All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.

Writing a book is indeed a group effort, for it is impossible to accomplish such a task without the good will and active support of many people.

The author receives the accolades, if the book is successful, but the unsung heroes are the editor and the people working alongside who combine efforts to bring about the safe delivery. The birth of a book should include a moment when all concerned could come onstage and take a bow. First, thanks must go to my clients who shared their very personal experiences so that others might gain a new perspective on the riddle of life.

Next, to my agents, Lynn Nesbit and Suzanne Gluck, for exuding enthusiasm and support, the very breath necessary to do the job. Finally, but not least, I give thanks to Barbara Gess, my editor, who worked with me under very tight deadlines and whose expertise was invaluable. I am eternally grateful for the synchronous events that dropped me into the warm lap of Ibiza, Spain, where friends give the gift of true freedom, Do what you need to do.

Then to my wonderful neighbors Antonio and Catalina, who cared about my eating properly, and to Eulalia Guasch and her lovely family. I am grateful to Estela Bence and Jackie Riley, who held the fort in my absence. Loving thanks go to Xhico and Daniel Siegel, who took responsibility for my contact with the outside world, and to Freda Birchnall, who did secretarial work on her vacation.

Special gratitude goes to Lola and Paul Tanner, Anna, Jean Claude, and Harold for bringing Lama Tsultrim into my life at the very moment I was writing a book on reincarnation and needed him most.

On this side of the ocean, friends have been no less caring in giving me comfort and shelter during my sojourns in New York. I especially thank my long-time friends Marilyn Rothkopf and Sandra Sherrard. Glen Janss deserves a huge hug for being a warm, loving, and enthusiastic friend. Very special gratitude goes to Peter Cooper for finding special reference material and to Douglas Sissons for his perceptions about the book and what was needed, and to Charles Harvey for thinking about me.

As always, I count myself a lucky person to have attracted such wonderful children into my life. Twenty years ago when I conducted my first regression sessions, I was absolutely amazed at the information that poured forth from the people I worked with.

Apparently, memory lies closer to the surface of our minds than we care to believe. With only a small amount of permission and guidance, the subconscious appears eager to unload the burden that has been carried around for centuries, perhaps eons.

The profound relief that most people experience after such a session is reason enough to delve within, but there are even more valuable reasons for the exploration of the subconscious.

Perhaps the most important revelation, beyond the personal ones which give such an exciting new perspective on life, is the sense of continuity. With a review of several lifetimes or states of existence, the fear of death can be conquered once and for all. It becomes clear that there is a thread of consciousness that is never broken. Death is simply the birth into a new state of existence, just as birth into this earth plane is the death of an old condition.

We actually experience death in a thousand ways during one life time. There are temporary deaths of relationships, cycles and events that continue to prepare us for the possibility of rebirth. Without that clearing away of old conditions, we could not go on to allow growth and continuing expansion into our lives. There is a constant housecleaning that goes on when we decide to discontinue certain habits, associations or proclivities, making room for the new.

Each night is a kind of death. We need to complete a certain segment of time, take a break and be prepared for the coming dawn. If we have conquered the fear of giving up and going to sleep at night with the thought, Tomorrow is another day, we can apply the analogy to lifetimes. A child is consoled with the suggestion that he get some rest because the activities of the coming day will be even more exciting than those of the last one.

And so it is with the coming life. We have dreams at night that can be interpreted to guide us through our daytime decision-making process. A regression session can do the same on a broader scale. Many people have described the peace and sense of oneness, like a floating feeling that comes in between lives, like sleep, that give us a breather and a chance to review our actions and interactions on earth.

If a child has had a nightmare, he needs to talk. The nightmare somewhat mars the pleasure of his daily fun. But with some hugs from Mom and reassurance, he is able to create activities and plan his day in spite of his bad dreams.

If we can dean out the karmic garbage pail with a review in the light of day, we see clearly that we have options and responsibilities to create what we need and want to enable us to live more productively. If we are not willing to take a look and share the nightmare, we carry unnecessary burdens around, mitigating the joy of present existence. In a review of past life experiences, it is important to forgive ourselves for omissions and commissions, but it is also important to realize there is no easy out.

We are fully accountable for our actions. At bottom line, however, no one suffers more than we do ourselves for our errors. Not only can we see more dearly how to achieve a better balance in life, but we can actually begin to create the conditions of a future life by making plans, such as making a list of activities for the new day ahead. This takes away all the judgments and sadness about not accomplishing our dreams in the present existence.

There is always a second chance, a new day dawning. The meditation creates the aura within which we can function and the review enables us to reevaluate, forgive and transmute the events into more tolerable memories before going to sleep. In this way, we clean up our act on a daily basis. A lot of future karmic pain can be avoided by this process. In the final analysis, this book is neither about astrology or reincarnation.

It is an attempt to share another process in the continuing search to understand life and the human condition. My greatest frustration in writing the book was having to choose from among hundreds of regression sessions to find those that might be more universally meaningful. My hope is that through whatever means available, we can all develop more compassion and caring for ourselves and for others. Throughout my years of formal psychiatric training at Columbia and Yale universities, I knew something was missing.

Later on, as a professor of Psychiatry at two prestigious medical schools and as chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at a major teaching hospital, I still had the feeling that something vital was missing from my education.

I discovered astrology, studied the subject thoroughly and carefully, and found that I had new insights into character analysis. Some years later, a patient of mine spontaneously regressed to past-life experiences while under hypnosis.

Her symptoms, which had been lifelong, severe, and unresponsive to traditional therapy, disappeared. She has remained permanently cured. This has since occurred with a dozen more patients Finally, I knew what was missing. In this gem of a book, Jeanne Avery clearly and brilliantly documents the benefits of past-life therapy and sets the stage for a major therapeutic tool of the future. Laced with fascinating case histories, the book echoes the writings of Edgar Cayce, Dr.

Edith Fiore, Dr. Joel Whitton, and others. But this book goes beyond the others. The astrological influences, especially the location and aspects of Saturn in the natal chart, are examined with clarity and used as a map and indicator of the directions to take in therapy. This is new, innovative, and extremely practical knowledge. She has succeeded in synthesizing astrology and past-life experiences to produce a powerful technique for swiftly and accurately under standing and resolving emotional conflicts, which may have been tormenting patients for many, many years and which may have been resistant to the techniques of traditional psychotherapy.

No prior knowledge of astrology is needed. All the astrology you need to know is contained in these pages. No hypnotic techniques are used. Her method is even simpler. Whether you are a therapist who wishes to know more, or someone who wants to get rid of unwanted symptoms or remove blocks and grow toward happiness and self-fulfillment, the answers lie within this book.

Jeanne Avery has written the most important therapy book of the eighties. She may not realize this yet. But the knowledge is so important and the techniques so powerful and practical that the very foundation for the therapies of the nineties is now being set. In this booklet I have written down personal experiences from more than twenty years of involvement in water issues, mainly through the Ecological Management Foundation EMF as an independent party. In some chapters I have mentioned the names of people that were important at the time of a breakthrough or a special event.

I would like to stress that many more people other than the ones in this book were a source of inspiration and cooperation. In particular, however, I want to mention the persons who for many years have supported my work and the ongoing activities of EMF with their lively dedication. Last but not least, I would like to mention the Chinese goddess Kuan Shih Yin, who has been my silent guide and the guardian of EMF ever since my experiences in Taiwan in the late Eighties, which will be covered in this book.

Her name means She who listens to the sounds of the world. According to metaphysical principles, life is indeed a drama of our creation. Carl Jung said, Any unrealized energy or potential exteriorizes as fate or destiny.

All that might be interpreted to mean that we consciously, or unconsciously, set in motion the specific circumstances and conditions around us. Theoretically, then, we are not victims of our environment but rather the creators of it. If that is so, why are we not all successful, healthy, happy and constantly on top of any situation? Who would deliberately pick illness, physical disability, poverty, isolation, loneliness or despair? The doctrine of the power of positive thinking mayor may not always work.

Many advocates of that philosophy seem just as plagued with heartaches and problems as anyone else. Although that philosophy can be very important for a cheerful outlook and a better view of life, when real tragedy or trying times hit, that attitude may seem like trying to pour a cupful of oil on a raging, torrential tidal wave. Optimism falls desperately short of effectiveness in the face of suicides, death or tragic accidents. Modem therapy seems to have found some answers, yet the road to fulfillment can seem like a long one.

Karmic Astrology: Past Lives, Present Loves

For example: Octo would be entered as - Day Month Year If you sincerely reflect on the past life test, it's kind of like a self-directed past life regression. Free of charge! Weiss condenses his patients' experiences. Often it takes months of work for the critical lifetimes to surface. In my case, I had.

Astrology and Your Past Lives

Home Forum Login. Download PDF. Page 2. It should be taken seriously by those in the mental health profession. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks.

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Search this site. It was under the bodhi tree in India twenty-five centuries ago that Buddha achieved the insight that three states of mind were the source of all our unhappiness: wrong knowing, obsessive desire, and anger. All are difficult, but in one instant of anger—one of the most powerful emotions—lives can be ruined, and health and spiritual development can be destroyed. With exquisite simplicity, Buddhist monk and Vietnam refugee Thich Nhat Hanh gives tools and advice for transforming relationships, focusing energy, and rejuvenating those parts of ourselves that have been laid waste by anger.

Many Lives, Many Masters

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Many Lives, Many Master - Chapter 1. Weiss, M. The first time I saw Catherine she was wearing a vivid crimson dress and was nervously leafing through a magazine in my waiting room. With more than one million copies in print, Many Lives, Many Masters is one of the breakthrough texts in alternative psychotherapy and remains as provocative and timeless as it was when first published.

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