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In the early twenty-first century the world witnessed an extraordinary spate of protests led by young people acting within and across transnational networks.

The use of popular and digital culture to facilitate literacy. New media literacies and participatory popular culture across borders The handbook of ICT is structured in 4 parts which, in my view, are indeed the main topical pillars of what a student of this field should look at today: ICT and the knowledge economy; ICT and organisational dynamics, strategy design, ICT and governance democracy;. Editor, with Amy A. Zenger Routledge, Martin, uniquely bringing together scholarship about online literacy practices and the growing body of work on participatory popular culture new media literacies and participatory popular culture across borders makes distinctive.

The Transnationality of Youth

In the early twenty-first century the world witnessed an extraordinary spate of protests led by young people acting within and across transnational networks. More adept at manipulating social media and less invested in the status quo than older cohorts, youth emerged at the forefront of a series of attacks upon conventional paradigms, standard models and established political, economic, and social hierarchies. While their character and content defied easy description or analysis, these events appeared to some commentators to underline the significance of youth not only as a media-ready concept and political category but as a social group capable of giving expression to distinctively new, transnational ways of thinking and acting.

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This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Williams and A. Loader, A. Vromen, and M. Google Scholar. Classic studies include P. Knopl ; Google Scholar. Cole and D. Recent examples include: C. Though this comment also applies, ol course, to the second hall ol the twentieth century. See, for example, R. While scouting in Britain was a response to imperial decline, it is significant that early advocates, for example, Stead, defined it in terms ol a British response to the Japanese bushido movement.

See, for example, H. Morrison ed. Pass ed. Helgren and C. CrossRef Google Scholar. For a thorough discussion ol this see A. A good place to find a succinct explanation ol transnational history is P. This current had commenced much earlier from Europe, where the Great European Migration lasted from to During this time around 60 million Europeans left Europe.

Lucassen and L. Byron and S. Levitt and M. Coe, R. Reynolds, D. Boehm, J. Meredith Hess and H. Goulbourne et al. Harper and S. Bryceston and U. Honeck and G. Rosenberg Diplomatic History , 38 2 , pp. See, for example, A. Gorsuch and D. Goldson ed. Saunier and S. Cliff, P. Haggett, and M. There has been much debate about the role of youth as a counter-cultural force in the second half of the century. Scholars have subsequently critiqued the work of the Birmingham School, for example, A.

Historians have also begun to engage with questions of youth cultural and countercultural roles. See, for example, U. Brown and L. In her influential contributions to the study of diasporic Chineseness, Aihwa Ong, for example, has tended to engage with the cultural logics of a unified state power, projected across borders.

For example, R. For example, M. Smith and L. Pomfret There are no affiliations available. Personalised recommendations. Cite chapter How to cite? ENW EndNote. Buy options.

Community Literacy Journal

Williams, Amy A. Zenger Jessica E. Williams and Amy A. Zenger, eds. New York, NY: Routledge, More than a decade later, Bronwyn T. New Media Literacies expands on current scholarship in the disciplines of New Media and New Literacy Studies to examine what exactly is happening when popular culture is not only read and internalized, but also when it is experienced and appropriated globally.

Bronwyn T. Amy A. Preface 1. Williams and Amy A. Williams 3. Zenger 4. Gulsen 7.

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The Transnationality of Youth

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Jessica Schreyer's Research

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Young migrants — particularly refugees — are commonly the object of stereotypical visual media representations and often have no choice but to position themselves in response to them.

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