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foreign direct investment and development launching a second generation of policy research 2011 pdf

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Slovakia is one of the small economies, for which it is necessary to participate in international trade and for which exports and imports are an important item of gross domestic product. Foreign direct investment flows into the open countries with underpowered own resources, which are involved in various forms of international economic integration. Foreign investment brings benefits not only for himself an investor, but also the economy of the host.

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This study has analysed the impact of liberalisation of Indian economy and FDI policy on the retail sector since its implementation in the s. It also further analyses sub-categories by investigating its impact on the unorganised retail sector and the flow of FDI in single-brand retail and multi-brand retail sectors. A comprehensive and critical review of the existing evidence on the subject was carried out, and descriptive statistical analysis of data from to was performed which leads to conclude that the policy of FDI liberalisation has proved to provide diversification and sustainable development to the Indian economy and specifically retail sector which is considered to be one of the significant pillars of economy. Furthermore, for continuous growth of the economy, it seems vital to encourage more investment in other sectors by liberalising the restrictive policies. In the contemporary markets economies, retailing is a significant link between producers and consumers.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Moran Published Economics. This volume is the culmination of Institute investigations on the relationship between foreign direct investment FDI and development. Today, more than one-third of world trade takes place in the form of intrafirm transactions--that is, trade among the various parts of the same corporate network spread across borders--and the bulk of technology is transferred within the confines of integrated international production systems.

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Items in EconStor are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Inspired by a recent and ongoing debate about whether foreign direct investment FDI represents a blessing for or an impediment to economic, social, and political development in FDI host countries this paper addresses two issues: Does the presence of foreign investors impact the occurrence of petty corruption? If so, what are the main underlying mechanisms? Geocoding an original firm-level dataset and combining it with georeferenced household survey data, this is a first attempt to analyze whether the presence of foreign investors is associated with changes in local corruption around foreign-owned production facilities in 19 Sub-Saharan African countries. Applying an estimation strategy that explores the spatial and temporal variation in the data, we find strong and consistent evidence that the presence of foreign firms increases bribery among people living nearby. When examining two potential channels, we find no support that FDI-induced economic activity leads to more corruption.

Policy of foreign direct investment liberalisation in India: implications for retail sector

Foreign Direct Investment Flows to India 1. This had raised concerns in the wake of widening current account deficit in India beyond the perceived sustainable level of 3. This also assumes significance as FDI is generally known to be the most stable component of capital flows needed to finance the current account deficit. Moreover, it adds to investible resources, provides access to advanced technologies, assists in gaining production know-how and promotes exports.

Moran's research focus teaches and conducts research on international economics, business, foreign affairs, and public policy. As an expert in international business and foreign affairs, Moran has served in a number of governmental and non-governmental advisory roles. Moran served as a senior adviser for economics on the Policy Planning Staff of the Department of State from to

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Policy of foreign direct investment liberalisation in India: implications for retail sector

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