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In accordance with the Indian Boiler regulations, of the boiler mountings is essential fitting for safe working of a boiler. Some of the important mountings are: Water level Indicator Water level indicator is located in front of boiler in such a position that the level of water can easil be seen b attendant. Two water level indicators are used on all boilers. Pressure Gauge!

Boiler Fittings and Accessories

A boiler is a closed vessel in which water is heated, vaporized and converted into steam at a pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure. The heat energy required for steam generation is produced by burning fuel in the furnace. So these are the important boiler accessories and mountings we will discuss today:. What are the boiler mountings? Boiler mountings are those mechanical appliances which are considered essential for operating a boiler smoothly and safely which are usually mounted on the surface of a boiler. The water level indicator located in front of the boiler in such a position that the level of water can easily be seen by the attended. A water level indicator consists of a metal and a strong glass tube with marking.

Back to Learn about steam. An overview of the necessary fittings, accessories and controls for a boiler from nameplates and safety valves to gauge glasses and level controls. In the latter half of the 19th century explosions of steam boilers were commonplace. As a consequence of this, a company was formed in Manchester with the objective of reducing the number of explosions by subjecting steam boilers to independent examination. After a comparatively short period, only eight out of the 11 boilers examined exploded. This compared to steam boiler explosions in boilers not examined by the scheme. This success led to the Boiler Explosions Act which included a requirement for a boiler name-plate.

Boiler Fittings And Accessories Market

Boiler mountings and accessories are required for the proper and satisfactory functioning of the steam boilers. The boiler mountings are fittings which are mounted on the boiler for its proper functioning. Mountings are water level indicator, safety valve, pressure gauge, etc. It may be noted that a boiler cannot function safely without the mountings. The boiler accessories are the devices, which form an integral part of a boiler but are not mounted on it. They include superheater, economiser, feed pump etc.

Boiler fitting and accessories can be comprised of a combination of boiler safety equipment and additional devices to enhance the efficiency of boiler operations. Fittings are crucial component of boiler to maintain the economy of operations as well as also operate safely. The boiler fittings and accessories market is said to be benefitted from new unit installations as well as from scope of repair and retrofit jobs. Leading player in global boiler fitting and accessories market are using innovative materials to make fuel efficient and high reliability fittings and accessories in order to make salient paradigm in the global market and inch up their footprint in the domestic and international market in the coming decades. Rising application of boiler in various end use industries coupled with rising cognizance of safety by the installing fitting and accessories with boilers, is projected to pump up the demand for boiler fittings and accessories over the stipulated time period.

to a Boiler: 1. Water level indicator. (Water gauge). 2. Main steam stop valve. 3. Pressure gauge. 4. Feed check valve. 5. Fusible plug. 6. Blow down valve.

Boiler Mountings and Accessories

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In the last session, we had discussed Lamont boiler , Benson boiler , Cochran boiler , Babcock and Wilcox boiler in a detailed way whereas, in today's session, we will discuss What is a Boiler? Selection of a boiler, Essentials of Good boiler, Classification of a boiler, Diagram of the boiler, Boiler Mountings, and Boiler Accessories in a detailed way. The working principle of the boiler is very simple.

What are boiler mountings and accessories?

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After a comparatively short period, only eight out of the 11 boilers examined exploded. This compared to steam boiler explosions in boilers not examined by the scheme. The serial number and model number uniquely identify the boiler and are used when orderingspares from the manufacturer and in the main boiler log book. An important boiler fitting is the safety valve. Its function is to protect the boiler shell from. In Europe, matters relating to the suitability of safety valves for steam boilers are governed bythe European standard EN

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These are the fittings, which are necessarily mounted on the boiler itself and mandatorily required for the safe and proper operation of boiler. Various boiler.

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Boiler Fittings and Mountings

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An overview of the necessary fittings, accessories and controls for a boiler from​nameplates and safety valves to gauge glasses and level controls.

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