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difference between reciprocating and centrifugal pump pdf

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The main difference between reciprocating and centrifugal pump is, In a reciprocating pump, the discharge is fluctuating and pulsating whereas the discharge is smooth and continuous in the centrifugal pump. Here I have listed more than 20 points to understand you in every detail manner. When we talk about pump first definition comes in mind that it delivers water or other liquid from one place to another place.

Images of Centrifugal Pump and Reciprocating Pump. Centrifugal Pump. Reciprocating Pump. What is draft tube of a turbine?

Difference Between Reciprocating Pump and Centrifugal Pump [Notes & PDF]

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Across the industry, professionals are constantly working to develop and implement the latest in pump and valve technology. Recently, EmpoweringPumps. But for those who need a brush up on pump basics, we thought it would be a good time to discuss the differences between centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Nearly all pumps fall within these two categories, with centrifugal being the most common. However, positive displacement pumps come in a wider variety such as gear, lobe, peristaltic, screw, and many other types of pumps. The most common type among centrifugal pump is the radial flow pump.

ReciprocatingPump Pumpsaremechanicaldevicesthatusesuctionorpressuretomove fluids. Thereisavarietyofdifferenttypesofpumpswhichareused indifferentsituations. Themaindifferencebetweencentrifugaland reciprocating pump is that, in centrifugal pumps, the fluid is continuouslyacceleratedbyasetofimpellerbladeswhereas,in reciprocating pumps, the periodic motion of a piston draws in and discharges fluid. Reciprocating pumps discharge fluid in pulses,witheachpulsedischargingafixedvolumeoffluid. WhatisaCentrifugalPump Acentrifugalpumpisdescribedasatypeofkineticpump,i. Eventually,thekineticenergyinthefluidisconvertedtopressureenergy,whichisusedto expelthefluid.

The Differences Between Centrifugal Pumps Vs. Positive Displacement Pumps

There are two main types of pumps available: positive displacement and centrifugal rotodynamic pump. Positive displacement pump: the working principle involves an operation that moves fluid by trapping a fixed volume, usually in a cavity, and then forcing that trapped fluid into the discharge pipe. Centrifugal pump: this involves the transfer of kinetic energy from the motor to the liquid by a spinning impeller. As the impeller rotates it draws in fluid, increasing the velocity which moves the fluid to the discharge point. A centrifugal pump is categorised as a non-positive displacement pump. Working principles differ for centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps.

Probably bcoz centrifugal pumps are continuous while reciprtocating pumps are discontinuous process. I think centrifugal pumps are used for viscous fluid such as oil,chemicals. Reciprocating can handle only pure water as it's valves cause frequent trouble. Only receprocative pumps will be used to pump high viscous fluids like chemical and oils. Because reciprocating pumps will give low discharge at higher ends usually in industries and oil and gas plants these are used frequently to pump the chemicals and oils. Bug pressure is inversely proportional to the area hence..

The basic and main difference between centrifugal pump and reciprocating pump is that centrifugal pump use kinetic energy of impeller so it.

Positive Displacement vs Centrifugal Pumps

Breadcrumbs You are here: Home Reciprocating Pumps vs. Many times, you may be faced with the decision to use a reciprocating pump or a multi-stage centrifugal pump for a given application. There are some pros and cons for either pump design, depending on:. A centrifugal pump adds kinetic energy to a fluid by means of fast-rotating impellers.


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Difference Between Centrifugal and Reciprocating opportunitymeridian.org - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Difference Between Centrifugal and Reciprocating Pump.pdf

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