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As a result of our awareness toward environment and the allied issues, we are concerned about pollution problems.

A Review on Heavy Metals (As, Pb, and Hg) Uptake by Plants through Phytoremediation

By Ryszard J. Air pollution can be defined as the presence in the atmosphere of one or more contaminants in such quality and for such duration as is injurious, or tends to be injurious, to human health or welfare, animal or plant life. It is the contamination of air by the discharge of harmful substances. Industrialization have led to air getting more and more polluted over the years. Industries, vehicles, increase in the population, and urbanization are some of the major factors responsible for air pollution. The following industries are among those that emit a great deal of pollutants into the air: thermal power plants, cement, steel, refineries, petro chemicals, and mines. Air pollution can cause health problems and it can also damage the environment and property.

Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Download the full report in English. Since — when the government began monitoring deforestation in the Amazon — more than half a million square kilometers have been razed. This deforestation typically culminates in fires as the vegetation remaining after valuable trees are removed is set ablaze, often illegally. While fires burn throughout the year in the Amazon to clear land for agriculture, cattle-grazing, or land speculation, they usually peak during the dry season between July and October.

Atmospheric Pollution. Also referred to as particulate matter. It is produced as a result of incomplete burning of carbon-containing fuels including coal, wood, charcoal, natural gas, and fuel oil. Depending on the amount inhaled, this gas can impede coordination, worsen cardiovascular conditions, and produce fatigue, headache, weakness, confusion, disorientation, nausea, and dizziness. Very high levels can cause death.

Air Pollution

A California state law Health and Safety Code section et seq. The program identifies high priority facilities and requires facilities posing significant risks to notify all exposed individuals. The Legislature passed and Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 32, which set the greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal into law. It directed ARB to develop discrete early actions to reduce greenhouse gases while also preparing a scoping plan to identify how best to reach the limit on greenhouse gas emissions. The legislation also requires ARB to establish a demonstration program to showcase these non-toxic and non-smog forming technologies. The highest daily amount of a substance that may be consumed over a lifetime without adverse effects.

Romina Ronquillo. In this day and age, pollution control systems are a must. Air pollutants are generated through both natural—e. Mobile refers to moving sources, such as airplanes, trains, and automobiles, while stationary refers to fixed industrial sources, such as power plants, factories, and other facilities. Stationary sources are further broken into major and area sources: major sources emit either 10 or more tons of a single air pollutant or 25 or more tons of a combination of air pollutants, while area sources emit less than 10 tons of a single pollutant or less than 25 tons of a combination of pollutants. In high enough concentrations, the pollutants produced by either mobile or stationary sources could cause adverse effects to the atmosphere, the surrounding environment, and human life, such as increasing the average global temperature, decreasing atmospheric visibility, diminishing air quality, and affecting human health. The types of pollutants regulated by the EPA are divided into three groups, which include criteria air pollutants, air toxics, and greenhouse gases.

Air pollution is a phenomenon by which particles solid or liquid and gases contaminate the environment. Such contamination can result in health effects on the population, which might be either chronic arising from long-term exposure , or acute due to accidents. Other effects of pollution include damage to materials e. Air pollution is certainly not a new phenomenon. Early references to it date back to the Middle Ages , when smoke from burning coal was already such a serious problem that in King Edward I banned its use in lime kilns in London.

Keywords: Air Pollution, Haze, Modern Technology, Negative Impact, Islamic Perspective calamity and how important the right of humans and environmental to not be violated These pollutants affect long-term effects on people's health. But this verse shows that all living things including animals and natures that exist.


Heavy metals are among the most important sorts of contaminant in the environment. Several methods already used to clean up the environment from these kinds of contaminants, but most of them are costly and difficult to get optimum results. Currently, phytoremediation is an effective and affordable technological solution used to extract or remove inactive metals and metal pollutants from contaminated soil and water. This technology is environmental friendly and potentially cost effective.

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Understanding Air Pollution Control Equipment

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These fires produce air pollution that poses a severe health risk. their crops and depleting stocks of edible and medicinal plants and hunting game. Space Flight Center and co-creator of the agency's Amazon fire season forecast. [48] According to the WHO, the health effects of forest fires will result in.


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There are at least sixty sources of household air pollution, and these vary from website: opportunitymeridian.org (accessed on 12th Oct ). to disrupt the endocrine system of humans as well as animals. Using indoor plants, wet-mopping floors, avoiding the use of heavy.

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Bioindicators are living organisms such as plants, planktons, animals, and microbes assessing the quality of water as well as an indicator of water pollution. Both, Lichens and Bryophytes are powerful Bioindicators of air quality on to handle biomonitoring and evaluate human effects (Figures 2 and 3).

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