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list of public and private sector banks in india pdf

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The banking sector plays a significant role in the development of the Indian economy.

List of government banks in India: All you need to know

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Indian Banks Headquarters and Taglines are added here. This Indian Banks Headquarters and Taglines list will be very useful for banking awareness preparation. Also, the taglines and key persons are also made available. So candidates can prepare for the exam with this list of Indian Banks Headquarters and Taglines. Banking awareness is a vast topic to cover. In that, the Indian Banks Headquarters and Taglines topic is very important. The candidates have to memorize the banks and its key persons in India.

The Banks play an important role in the economy of our country like any other country as most of the transactions takes place through the banks. To know more about the banking terms check out the following link. Click here for details on International Firefighters Day. Both have the same meaning. With the announcement made on 30 th August , the number of public sector banks government banks has come down from 27 in to

List of Banks with their Taglines, Headquarters, Name of Chairman/CEO

Nowadays, having a bank account from a young body to the old body becomes necessary to save money and also to receive money from the government under many student schemes like scholarships, etc. So to increase your GK skills in banking, we have published the list of all public and private sector Banks in India Thus, the count of Public sector Banks in India is diminished to Besides, the number of Private sector banks is diminished to Go ahead and check the list of all Indian PSB and Private sector banks and know the baking products in a detailed way.

TOP-10 Biggest Banks in India

Skip to main content. Search the Website Search. Name of the Bank 1. Bank of Baroda 2. Bank of India 3.

List of Public Sector Banks in India 2020 - Headquarters & Taglines

Banks in India 2020 | List of all Public and Private Sector Banks in India

Top Banks views. But do you know about the best public sector banks in India or about the top banks in India? The primary function of any bank is to receive deposits and lend money to needful individuals and businesses. Banks are considered to be a synonym of trust across the world.

List of scheduled and unscheduled Urban Co-operative Banks:. Local Area Banks are non-scheduled banks. They were set up with the twin objectives of providing an institutional mechanism for promoting rural and semi-urban savings and for providing credit for viable economic activities in local areas.

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Check the List of Private Sector Banks in India Axis Bank. Mumbai, Maharashtra. Bandhan Bank. Kolkata, West Bengal. Bank. Thrissur, Kerala. City Union Bank. Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. Bank. Mumbai, Maharashtra. Dhanlaxmi Bank. Thrissur, Kerala. Federal Bank. HDFC.

Websites of Banks in India

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In the year , our finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the merger of ten banks into four and this has come in effect from 1st April

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When it comes to banking and government exams, there is one topic that is usually seen almost in every exam. The topic is List of Public & Private Banks of India.

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The other update was privatization of IDBI Bank which is now a private sector bank, acquired by the LIC Check below the list of 12 public sector banks in India.

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