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With the increasing demand of e-commerce, more businesses are now looking for better ideas and opportunities to enhance their market value. No doubt the electronic commerce industry is now the part of almost every business. The new era of e-commerce web design is moving towards the digitalization of many industries and the travel industry is also implementing their business solutions through it. The time has gone when innovations took centuries for implementation, now there is always an instant solution to almost every problem within business. When it comes to IT and communication, there are plenty of options for advertising, in fact, even a single person can run a full-fledged company with just a limited amount of resources.

5 Ways Ecommerce has Benefited the Travel Industry

This paper summarises the arguments and counterarguments within the scientific discussion on the issue of Online Travel Industry in India, its evolution and demand. The study of literary sources and approaches for solving the puzzle of consumer behavior in the fast-paced e-commerce scenario indicates that the customers are changing rapidly and that is what they expect from the mediums they are using. The relevance of the decision of this scientific problem is that it will aid the travel industry to understand their respective customers better, helping them stay and make repeat purchases. Investigation of the topic Online trav-el industry-Customer Behaviour, in the paper, is carried out by shortlisting the top six players in the Online travel category and recognizing the important features affecting the customers, making the customers rank them on a structured questionnaire. Weighted Average Scores have been calculated to assign importance to the features. The research spans from May to July The object of research is the Online travel industry and its users in India.

The industrial revolution that entered the 4. As part of the OTA tourism industry , e-commerce, or especially Agoda offers not only products but also services. However, at the moment, Agoda can be said to be left behind if we look at the ranking of the top brand awards, Therefore this research intends to examine the satisfaction of tourists consumers in using Agoda for booking a hotel. The approach used in this research is descriptive quantitative, where primary data is collected through a questionnaire with indicators of customer satisfaction Repurchase, Word of Mouth, Brand Image, Product Quality, Price, Service Quality, and Emotional Factor. The scale used is Likert , and the sampling technique used is probability sampling, which is simple random sampling with a total of respondents.

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By Hannes Werthner and Francesco Ricci. Travel and tourism are illustrating how e-commerce can change the structure of an industry—and in the process.

E-commerce and Tourism: Retrospectives and Perspectives

Despite unfulfilled business and stock market expectations, in some sectors such as the travel and tourism industry online transactions are rapidly increasing. This industry is the leading application in the b2c arena. The travel and tourism industry is witnessing an acceptance of e-commerce to the extent that the structure of the industry and the way business is conducted is changing. The Internet is used not only for information gathering; there is an obvious acceptance of ordering services over the Internet.

The continuous growth of e-commerce, combined with new trends in the tourism sector, creates an imperative to conduct analyses and establish suitable models for improving the experience of users who seek tourism products online, using search and metasearch engines. However, few studies analyze web design variables and their impacts on the user experience. Therefore, the present study aims to investigate the influence of content, usability, functionality, and branding for determining user experiences with search engines and metasearch engines dedicated to tourism. The methodology used in this research followed a mixed approach to fulfill the proposed dual perspective, that is, to collect data from websites and evaluate the user experience. To determine the variables to be modeled, the authors use a General Additive Model.

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5 Ways Ecommerce has Benefited the Travel Industry

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Online transactions in the travel and tourism industry are continuously increasing, and the tourism industry is witnessing an acceptance of e-commerce to the.

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industry benefits from cost savings of replacing staff with kiosks. Challenges. There are a few challenges for E-commerce in the travel industry.

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