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atmospheric modeling data assimilation and predictability pdf

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Jetzt bewerten Jetzt bewerten. This comprehensive text and reference work on numerical weather prediction, first published in , covers not only methods for numerical modeling, but also the important related areas of data assimilation and predictability.

Atmospheric Modeling, Data Assimilation and Predictability (eBook, PDF)

Data assimilation is a mathematical discipline that seeks to optimally combine theory usually in the form of a numerical model with observations. There may be a number of different goals sought, for example—to determine the optimal state estimate of a system, to determine initial conditions for a numerical forecast model, to interpolate sparse observation data using e. Depending on the goal, different solution methods may be used. Data assimilation is distinguished from other forms of machine learning, image analysis, and statistical methods in that it utilizes a dynamical model of the system being analyzed. Data assimilation initially developed in the field of numerical weather prediction. Numerical weather prediction models are equations describing the dynamical behavior of the atmosphere, typically coded into a computer program. In order to use these models to make forecasts, initial conditions are needed for the model that closely resemble the current state of the atmosphere.

Atmospheric Modeling Data Assimilation and Predictability

MCWF is a new, fully peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes articles that use new or existing mathematical methods in climate change science and weather forecasting. The scope included, but is not limited to, numerical methods, stochastic processes, PDE analysis, time series analysis, data filtering and assimilation, applied to any topic of atmosphere and ocean sciences. EN English Deutsch. Your documents are now available to view. Confirm Cancel. Guannan Hu and Christian L. De Gruyter Open

Accurate numerical weather forecasting is of great importance. Due to inadequate observations, our limited understanding of the physical processes of the atmosphere, and the chaotic nature of atmospheric flow, uncertainties always exist in modern numerical weather prediction NWP. Recent developments in ensemble forecasting and ensemble-based data assimilation have proved that there are promising ways to beat the forecast uncertainties in NWP. This paper gives a brief overview of fundamental problems and recent progress associated with ensemble forecasting and ensemble-based data assimilation. The usefulness of these methods in improving high-impact weather forecasting is also discussed. Numerical weather prediction NWP is an initial value problem: it forecasts the atmospheric state by integrating a numerical model with given initial conditions.

Atmospheric Modeling, Data Assimilation and Predictability

Accurate and timely sea ice information in the Northern Hemisphere is greatly needed because of the increasing focus on northern regions for reasons of both economic development and national sovereignty. The changing Arctic climate, as demonstrated by record low ice coverage in recent years, is leading to increased marine transportation and natural resource development in and around ice-infested waters. These changes to the climate also represent a challenge for traditional northern populations to adapt.

Report Download. This comprehensive text and reference work on numerical weather predictioncovers for the rst time, not only methods for numerical modeling, but also theimportant related areas of data assimilation and predictability. It incorporates all aspects of environmental computer modeling including anhistorical overview of the subject, equations of motion and their approximations,a modern and clear description of numerical methods, and the determination ofinitial conditions using weather observations an important new science knownas data assimilation.

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Data assimilation

If the divergence in phase space of the evolution equation of a deterministic nonlinear system does not depend on the state variables hereafter referred to as the divergence condition , the deterministic prediction starting from the mode of a probability density function PDF of the state variables remains the mode of the PDF at forecast time. For a system that does not satisfy the divergence condition, a condition for the forecast state to remain sufficiently close to the mode of the PDF is derived under assumption of a small forecast error. Calculation of the divergence in phase space for finite-dimensional analogs of several Eulerian equations of hydrodynamics shows that the divergence condition holds for the quasigeostrophic equations with lateral boundaries and the shallow water equations on a sphere. On the basis of the above results, a new formulation of four-dimensional variational data assimilation 4DVar is presented.

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Advanced Data Assimilation and Predictability Studies on High-Impact Weather and Climate

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Chaos and weather prediction. Atmospheric waves. Properties of the equations in motion. Data assimilation concepts and methods. The general problem of parametrization.

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Atmospheric modeling, data assimilation and predictability. This comprehensive text and reference work on numerical weather prediction.

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During those ten years there were major improvements in the NWS models' forecast skill.

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