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tcs aptitude and reasoning practice pdf

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Edit Reply. TCS aptitude questions with solutions are given here. TCS aptitude test questions are of medium to high difficulty level.

F and L. TCS job aspirants can download and practice these quantitative aptitude questions and answers at their convenient time. Dear readers!!

Latest TCS Aptitude Questions Asked in TCS Aptitude Test Online | FACE Prep

There are two water tanks A and B, A is much smaller than B. While water fills at the rate of one litre every hour in A, it gets filled up like 10, 20, 40, 80, … in tank B. At the end of first hour, B has 10 litres , second hour it has 20, and so on. There are two boxes, one containing 10 red balls and the other containing 10 green balls. You are allowed to move the balls between the boxes so that when you choose a box at random and a ball at random from the chosen box, the probability of getting a red ball is maximized. This maximum probability is. What is the smallest number by which must be divided to make it into a perfect square.

Also, aspirants can check and download the TCS Placement Questions and Answers that are given with the appropriate solutions from our article. More and more practicing the TCS Old Papers will help you to attain the job and as well as to seek some knowledge. Therefore download the papers and start your preparation. Accordingly, practice is more important for the freshers as well as experienced candidates. Our website provides you with the best placement papers which help you to create awareness about the written test. We advise the contenders to download these pdf and practice them well.

TCS Placement Papers

Edit Reply. TCS Ninja placement papers with solutions are discussed below. The latest test pattern of TCS Ninja is as follow. Practicing our TCS Ninja placement paper questions will help you get familiarized with the concepts and similar questions are likely to occur in the actual TCS Ninja exam. Now form the options lets check which of the 4 divide , and leaving 0 as remainder. Hence these 3 are divided by 12 leaving remainder 0 which mean 12 divides , and leaving remainder 6 and 11 respectively. If all the questions were answered, how many were correct if the score was zero?

The test does not consist of any technical questions. It basically has three sections. The sections are the verbal section, the quantitative aptitude section and the critical reasoning section. The verbal section consists of 32 questions and the time is 20 minutes. There are 10 questions each based on synonyms and antonyms, while 6 questions on reading comprehension and another 6 on sentence completion. The quantitative section comprises of 38 questions which are to be done in 40 minutes.

TCS Placement Papers PDF | Download TCS Sample Question Papers: Those To Download & Solve TCS Reasoning Old Papers, Click Here.

TCS NQT Questions | TCS NQT Placement Papers with solutions

Hello guys, in this article we will tell you about some very important aptitude questions of TCS Ninja Recruitment. In which 1st is a test after that a Technical interview and followed by that an HR interview. Qualifying test has 3 sections which are quants, reasoning, and English.

Aspirants who want to get placed in the reputed company, i. TCS, must read this entire article. In this section, we had provided the latest TCS placement papers, which we have collected from various sources. So, candidates can qualify the test easily.

Aspirants who want to get placed in the reputed company i. TCS must read this entire article clearly. For how many minutes does the bus stop per hour? In how much time will the train pass the jogger? Kim can do a work in 3 days while David can do the same work in 2 days.

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TCS NQT Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF of questions from various sections such as aptitude, reasoning, English and.

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