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Bell & Gossett 104312|BG104312 - ecocirc XL 40-200 1HP 208-230/1/60

Electronic Drive. Instant hot water in our house Designed to change the way you perceive hot water. The ecocirc wireless was designed to work with your existing hot water furnace and piping and provide you with instant hot water at tap. No extra pipes are required The ecocirc wireless features technology that turns the pump on onlyRead more. With the new high efficiency ecocirc XL range, it pays back to replace a 5 year old pump fixed speed pump already today.

Bell And Gossett Ecocirc Xl Manual

The newly expanded ecocirc XL line, with single and three phase motor options, gives you a highly efficient circulator that enhances commercial hydronic systems with superior quality and dependability. Now available in 3 Phase! The pump. Electronic Drive. State-of-the-art hydraulics, advanced motor design, intelligent controls and smart communication make the ecocirc single phase and three phase ideal for a broad range of HVAC andRead more. The ecocirc XL is a range of electronic circulators based on the same software; the PICS are the same for all products listed below. Product description ecocirc XL is a wet rotor circulation pump with energy-efficient electronically commutated permanent magnet ECM technology.

Xl infomation - egc-franchecomte. Displays information about one or more domains. If no domains are specified it displays information about all domains. Read More. PF Impact Crusher By absorbing the advanced technology from the world, we researched and designed PF series impact,More Info convey belt jaw crusher - petproducts. A gyratory crusher is similar in basic concept to a jaw crusher, consisting of a concave surface and a conical head xl gyratory crusher.

We are launching a philanthropic initiative to protect the natural environments around which our cities are built". Engineered with a space-saving design, the e twin is ideal for a wide range of applications. The twin in-line pump is available in 22 models 11 split-coupled and close-coupled models each and features a changeover valve for the option to operate pumps separately or in parallel. Parallel pumping offers many advantages, including redundant capacity, smaller horsepower motors and drives, improved PLEV part load efficiency value , and higher motor and drive efficiencies at part load. The e twin offers parallel pumping without larger headers and additional isolation valves.

Bell and Gossett ecocirc XL Manuals

The branch circuit supplying power to the pump must be fitted with a suitably sized circuit breaker. If a ground fault CB is used, ensure that the CB is suitable for use with inverter driven appliances. Route power wiring through conduit to the terminal block. Connect the ground earth wire; be sure that the ground earth wire is sized at least as large as the phase wires. Connect the phase wires.

Goulds is a registered trademark of Goulds Pumps, Inc. Filter for engines max. Filter 90 for. FCATD cross reference 85 83 84 - 53 52 51 70 69 68 28 67 66 2 78 25 82 81 95 27 88 89 91 93 77 96 55 64 54 63 35 Page 3 30 VBF Part number

TECHNICAL BROCHURE P ecocirc XL Electronic Drive Manual

Bell and Gossett ecocirc XL Power Pump manual, provided below, is available to view online as well as to download for free. The document containing 16 pages.

ecocirc XL 20-140 1/2HP 208-230/1/60

The ecocirc XL is a highly efficient circulator that enhances commercial hydronics systems with superior quality and dependability. State-of-the-art hydraulics, advanced motor design, intelligent controls, and smart communication capabilities highlight expert engineering across a broad range of HVAC and plumbing applications. Economical operation A highly efficient ECM motor combined with optimized pump hydraulics, keeps operational costs at a minimum. Keep it hot or cold A closed, perfectly molded insulation shell preserves a constant temperature of the pumped liquid. The Intelligent Drive essential Controls The ecocirc XL can operate in 3 different standard control modes: Proportional pressure control Constant pressure control Constant speed. Night mode functionality provides additional energy savings.

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ecocirc XL / ecocirc XLplus

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Xylem Bell & Gossett To Launch New Line Of HVAC Pumps At 2020 AHR Expo

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Bell And Gossett Ecocirc Xl Operation Manual


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