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This program applies to all persons with direct contact with animals, tissues, or animal by-products held within IU facilities and all animal facility personnel. Employees concerned with occupational exposure to laboratory animals, who are not required to enroll in the program, can voluntarily enroll in the program. Participation in this program is mandatory for all Indiana University employees identified in Section 1.

Metrics details. The objective of this study was to survey the status of OHS in a sample of countries from all continents. A total of 49 National Secretaries responded response rate

An Assessment of Occupational Health & Environmental Safety on Job Performance in Echotex Ltd

Recent accidents happening in most companies in Bangladesh should be a source of worry to everyone. Ineffective occupational health and safety policy have a negative effect on the organization as well as the workforce. Some of these include, cost of wages paid for time lost, cost of damage to material or equipment, cost of overtime work required as a result of accidents etc. It is against this background that the researcher decided to research into the area.

The topic for the work was an assessment of occupational health and safety practices on job performance at theEchoTex Ltd. Being a garment factory, the staff, management, guards and other stakeholders are expose to several risks and hazards. The research aimed among other things to examine the effect of occupational health and safety on job performance. The officers, administrators, technicians, cooks, guards etc. Eighty respondents formed the sample size of the study.

Data was collected through questionnaire, interviews and review of relevant literature from books, articles, website etc. It was found out that the current occupational health and safety practices at the factory were inadequate. Staff commitment and compliance to health and safety rules was also low. It was recommended that management of the factory constitute a safety committee and maintain regular monitoring, inspection and evaluation and conduct reviews for improvement. In times past, employers were not concern with the health and environmental safety of their employees at work.

An injured employee in countries like U. S for example had to litigate to acquire compensation which in most cases was not successful and the cost of doing so even prevented employees from going to court. The employer has responsibility to protect the employees from all health hazards that may pose threat to their safety and health International Labour Organization Safety hazards are those parts of the work environment that have the potential of immediate and sometimes powerful harm to an employee; for example loss of hearing, eyesight or body parts, arts, sprains, brushes, bruises, broken bones, burns and electric shock.

It is a remarkable mentioning that some organizations have placed responsibility for employee health and safety with their Chief Executive Officers. This approach is typical of smaller organizations with threats in this area or with mid-size organizations with few such threats.

Large organizations seeing health and safety of their employees do set up safety departments usually under the purview of the human resource management team. For example, in the United States of America, a safety director should be appointed for every two thousand workers. In India, it is mandatory under the factories Act of to appoint safety officers in factories with a workforce of one thousand 1, or more.

Government plays a significant part in health and safety because it constitutes to improve health and safety factors. Trade unions have been more grateful of health and safety measures than employees they represent. It is easy to see why this is so. The objectives of health and safety initiatives and trade unions both improve the quality of working life of employees.

They pressurize employers for better programmes and use their clout to lobby for legislation to improve the health and safety of employees. On the other hand, socially responsible management had active health and safety programmes long before they were made mandatory by law. Some others only complied because they were required to and that too only to meet the minimum requirements of the law.

Quite apart from the willful avoidance of health measures, some employers face the dilemma of ignorance about the consequences of some dangerous working conditions. As long as there are no alternative methods and as long as there is a need for uranium, some employees will risk shorter lives in these jobs. That is although work is being done to determine the dangers and to prevent or mitigate the consequences of such works; the costs of some of these preventive programmes are so high that it would not be economically viable to adopt them.

Employees today are central to achieving competitive advantages Cascio,Wayne This reality has directed to the need for health institutions and other organizations to link strategic aims and objectives in order to improve health service delivery and develop organizational cultures that foster innovation and flexibility. Health professionals need to be treated as crucial in meeting this aspiration. To be able to do this management has to focus on the immediate workplace, the adjacent communities, the regional environment and the international environment.

It must be noted that legislation and changed attitudes towards employees will make safety and health priority areas for organizations. Typical health hazards to health professionals in their quest to provide healthcare services include toxic and carcinogenic chemicals and dust, often in combination with noise, heat and other forms of stress. Other health hazards include physical and biological agents.

The interaction of health hazards and the human organisms can occur either through the senses, by absorption through the skin, by intake into the digestive tract via the mouth or by inhalation into the lungs. There is no doubt that the human resource that an organization has, is one of its versatile resources. Therefore, an effective and efficient use of the human resource will translate into the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

Though many organizations accept this to be true, they fail to realize that as part of their human resource management practices, there is the need for management to ensure that personnel in the organization work in safe and healthy environment that will promote their optimum utilization. It should be highlighted that accidents are costly both to the affected worker and the organization.

Therefore, every effort should be made by management and employees in order to avoid them from happening at the work place. As a factory the employees are exposed to varied kinds of hazards.

Therefore, failure to institute adequate health and safety measures in place by management to protect employees from these hazards and risks will lead to avoidable deaths and ultimately lead to loss of staff. Inadequate training on acceptance and compliance to safety and health measures also hinder its effectiveness. On the contrary, this is not the case in most organizations. There is lack of cooperation between management and employees in making health and safety issues effective. Failure to identify these hazards and understanding their implications on the personal lives of all staff in the factory will be consequential.

Also, ensuring that regular monitoring and review of these measures are important to examine their effectiveness. Nonexistence of these measures hinders job performance and the employee suffers the ultimate consequence. Employee attitudes play a significant part in health and safety.

Most employees are not committed to the idea of safety and fail to cooperate with safety initiatives, hence making safety measures become ineffective. Indeed, any safety measure or action on the part of government or employer may prove unsuccessful if the employees are not committed to the idea of safety. Employers also fail to see occupational health and safety as a process. It is not enough to institute safety measures and fail to provide adequate training and education on these measures and rules.

In essence, conscious effort by management to put in place safety measures and ensure that these rules are adhered to compels employees as well to be safety conscious at all times. A wider view of occupational safety and health is necessary for management of the factory to formulate correct policies in regard to industrial safety which is commensurate with international standards, compatible with national policies and at the same time, meet the organizational objectives of providing quality health care and personal satisfaction.

It is line with this that this research seeks to assess the health and safety measures of the Echotex Ltd. To examine the effect of occupational health and safety in the factory. To examine the roles of the employee, employers in the execution of health and safety programmes in the factory. To assess the level of compliance of occupational health and safety practices by employers and employees. What are the indications that the factory administrators and supervisors are really concern about health and safety?

What are the respective responsibilities and rights of employers and employees for effective occupational health and safety policy? What happens if staffs fail to comply with occupational health and safety rules in the factory? The importance of this study can be seen in diverse ways.

The study could provide bases for the formulation of effective occupational health and safety policies in the Echotex Ltd. The piece of work will also provide the opportunity for employees, employers to identify their specific respective roles in health and safety issues. It will also provide bases for other factories in Bangladesh to adopt the recommendations in the formation of effective health and safety measures in their institutions as well.

The work will be used as reference material for policy makers in making decisions concerning health and safety practices and policies. Most of the employees of the factory have unstable or unfavorable work schedules. This made the conducting of interviews very difficult. Financial constraints-in the course of the research, the researcher had to spend a lot of money in printing of the research work, photocopying relevant research materials, allowances to research assistants, travelling and transport cost to the site to gather information.

Another limitation was the reluctance of the respondents in disclosing information with the view that the information will be disclosed to the outside world and it could be used against the factory.

Time limitation- In a research work like this, time is essential. Every section of this research was given a timeframe within which it was to be presented. However; the researcher had to combine the exercise with other academic activities at the same time. Again, due to the fact that the period for the research is short to allow for adequate data collection on the subject, this could affect the outcome of the work.

The research work is divided into five 5 chapters. Chapter one concerns itself with the general introduction grouped under the following headings; Background to the study, Statement of the problem, Objectives of the study, Significance of the study, Research questions, Scope of the study and Organization of the study.

Chapter two involves the review of various related literatures on the relevant subject under the study. Chapter three includes the various methods used for collecting data for the research work. These methods include administration of questionnaires, interviews, observation etc. Chapter four presents results, discussions and provides analysis of the data gathered for the study.

For the function of making any significant and sensible finale on the data drawn from the study, it is essential that a closer look is taken at related works done on occupational health and environmental safety with reference to job routine and assessment on some of the literatures relevant to the study, in order for judgment, authorization and differences to be laid exposed.

Due to this, this chapter is meant to contain the review of various literatures considered to be relevant to the study. Therefore, health and environmental safety are firmly aspects of employee welfare, which have been independently known as being significant areas of welfare condition for sometimes. Cascio, Wayne. Typical causes include physical and biological hazards, toxic and carcinogenic dusts and chemicals and stressful working conditions Cole, In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, employees ran their businesses as they saw fit to make profit.

Employee safety and health were not their concern. In the U. The cost of doing so effectively prevented employees from going to court. Besides, employees were rarely successful since, under common law, if they knew of the hazards the job entailed or if the injuries were brought about as a result of the negligence of the employee or a co-worker, the employer was not liable.

From these origins, there has emerged an approach and practice with regard to health, safety and welfare issues. The national safety council had been established in in the U.

Nordic Occupational Safety Climate Questionnaire (NOSACQ-50)

Please understand that our phone lines must be clear for urgent medical care needs. When this changes, we will update this website. Our vaccine supply remains limited. Welcome to the forms and publications resource page. The links below provide access to complete the electronic or paper-based forms.

CC Reg. Health and Safety Questionnaire Complete the Questionnaire to see if you are breaching any part of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Regulations from some questions derived from it. By completing the Questionnaire you will have a reasonable idea of your compliance status. Should you have answered NO to one or more of these questions then you are not in full compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Regulations. Ensure to call us to do a free more in depth evaluation, inspection and audit after which a quotation will be given to assist you to comply and have peace of mind. Question 1. Do you have an up-to-date Health and Safety Policy that highlights the Yes No people who are responsible for ensuring it happens?

With this occupational health and safety questionnaire, you can collect the data that you need in no time. Collect opinions from as many people as you want on the topic of abortion with the help Find out which advertising mediums are well liked by consumers, by regularly inviting y Use this advertising effectiveness survey template in your organization, configure it a Skip to content Occupational Health And Safety Questionnaire With this occupational health and safety questionnaire, you can collect the data that you need in no time. Use this template. Are you looking for a different template?

Health and Safety Questionnaire

Recent accidents happening in most companies in Bangladesh should be a source of worry to everyone. Ineffective occupational health and safety policy have a negative effect on the organization as well as the workforce. Some of these include, cost of wages paid for time lost, cost of damage to material or equipment, cost of overtime work required as a result of accidents etc. It is against this background that the researcher decided to research into the area.

Occupational Health And Safety Questionnaire

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