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Draw the schematic of a line strowger switching system and explain how subscribers get connected. Ans: Page: 61 of Text book 1 and 56 of Text book 2 b. Explain the various design parameters of a switching system. Ans: Page: Text book 2 c. What are the advantages of a digital system over electromechanical system? Ans: Explanation of: 1. Electromechanical switches are slow compared to Electronic switches. Electromechanical systems are less reliable than electronic systems.

Electromechanical systems cannot be programmed. Electromechanical systems do not have any memory and queuing is not effective. Limited number of subscribers compared to electronic digital systems.

What is the need to estimate the traffic in an exchange, how is it arrived at? Ans: Explanation of 1. Number of calls in progress is a random event. Averaging during various hours is essential. In designing an exchange it is necessary to consider the area in which exchange is to be located as the number of calls depend on the users in that area.

The number of trunks to be provided depends on the Traffic at various times in different exchanges. The traffic is estimated by arriving at average number of calls and the average duration.

In order to provide good service Grade of service also needs to be calculated for a given exchange. A switching system serves subscribers with a traffic intensity of 0. What are the assumptions taken into account while arriving at a queuing system? Explain the need of finite Queuing and how this capacity is arrived at. Ans: Assumptions made: Pure Chance traffic, Statistical equilibrium, Full availability, Calls which encounter congestion are put in a queue.

During congestion it is not possible to keep subscribers in queue for infinite duration of time. This will reduce the grade of service and require large memory. Also it is not practicable, hence it is necessary that the queuing period is limited or is finite. Thus when the queue has become full the call is lost. Queuing capacity is found from acceptable call loss probability.

Define the following: i. Traffic capacity Ans: Page: of Text book 1 ii. Grade of service Ans: Page: of Text book 1 iii. Draw the schematic of a two stage network and explain its operation in providing reliable switching. Ans: Page: of Text book 1 c. Design a three stage network that has incoming line and outgoing trucks.

Also calculate the total cross points. Distinguish between Time division space switching and Space division space switching. The incoming and outgoing time switches are interfaced with space switch. Thus the input signal time a lot is coverted into y time slot before it is transmitted to output at time slot Z.

Space division time switch S-T-S has m incoming PCM lines that are connected to k links by cross points in A time switch, while outgoing m lines are connected to cross point time switch B. The connection is completed by operating appropriate A switch cross point at time X and the appropriate B switch cross point in time Y in each frame. What are synchronization networks?

Draw schematic of synchronization hierarchy of an integrated digital networks. IETE 3. PSTNs are connected to a synchronizing network. A crystal clock in each exchange is voltage controlled by a digital stream received on synchronization link. Synchronization links may be unilateral or bilateral. In order to take care of delays due to variable path lengths phase shifts need to be arrived at and corrected. What is the role of concentrators in a switching network? How call processing takes place in a switching system?

Explain with example. Ans: Pages of Text book 1 b. What is store program control? Give the organization of centralized SPC.

Discuss the advantages of SPC automation in telephone switching? Ans: In modern exchanges computers execute all control functions. These are in the memory and are executed as and when required. There are generally two servers either cold standby or hot standby to improve the reliability.

This not only atomizes the exchange but also provides additional services like Common channel signaling, centralized maintenance, fault diagnosis, voice activated services etc.

What are application programs that run on an operating system? What are the various types of signaling used in a switching network? For this various signaling are required: Explanation of Line signaling, outband signaling, In- band signaling that takes care of Tone on idle condition and Pulse signaling, PCM signaling, Inter register signaling and common channel signaling. Pages of Textbook 1 b. Pages of Textbook 1 c. Describe High level Data link control protocol. Messages are sent by packets using a frame having flag, Address, Control, Information, Checksum and Flag.

The frame contains total of 64 bits of overheads and remaining is information transmitted at 32Kbps Page of Textbook 1 Q8. How frame relay is different from X25 packet switching? Ans: Article: 9. What are the various network topologies? Compare the ring configuration with bus configuration. IETE 5. Additional nodes can be connected. A bus network uses twisted pair.

Bus network suffers from reflection and impedance matching is required. Fault isolation is difficult in Bus networks; it is easy in ring network. Page No of Textbook 1.

Ans: Features: Packets are of fixed length unlike synchronous switching systems. It works on a virtual network and if resource is not available call is rejected. No error control or flow control is provided.

Header is short and identifies the virtual connection and sequence number. Shorter packets minimize packeting delay. Pages of Textbook 1 Q9. Write short notes on: i. PDN Ans: Page no. Numbering Plan Ans: Page no. Automatic Alternate Routing Ans: Page no. Telecommunication Switching, Traffic and Networks; J.

Routing in packet-switching networks Circuit switching vs. Packet switching Most of WANs based on circuit or packet switching Circuit switching designed for voice Resources dedicated to a particular call. In the middle of the , the telecommunications world started the design of a network technology that could act as a great unifier to support all digital services, including low-speed telephony and very.

Bandwidth Management Page 4. TDM technology allows many users to access a particular. Introduction Computer Network. Instructions: Put your name and student number on each sheet of paper! The exam is closed book. You have 90 minutes to complete the exam. Be a smart exam taker -. Course 1. General view on the fixed telephone network.

Telecommunication Switching Systems And Networks By Thiagarajan Viswanathan Pdf

Higher Ed. This book deals with switching, signaling and traffic in the context of telecommunication networks. Its coverage moves from an introduction to those networks through the evolution of switching systems from electromechanical systems to stored-program-controlled digital systems and future broadband systems. The treatment of Teletraffic Theory includes both lost-call and queuing systems. Table of Content Introduction Telecommunication Transmission Evolution of switching systems Telecommunications traffic Switching networks Time-division switching Control of switching systems Signaling Packet switching Networks. Salient Features Modern digital networks Modern digital switching systems Packet switching Common-channel signaling Digital transmission, including Synchronous Digital Hierarchy Integrated service digital network ISDN Broadband networks including ATM The book fills the gap between texts in telecommunications that only treat networks in a cursory manner and advanced texts that are too specialized for undergraduates.

This book covers the topics of switching, signalling and traffic in the context of telecommunications networks. It introduces networks through the evolution of switching systems to stored-program-controlled digital systems and future broadband systems. Read more HathiTrust Digital Library, Limited view search only. Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours. Finding libraries that hold this item You may have already requested this item.

Login to Your Account. Remember Me? Register Forget Password. Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread: Flood for telecommunication Switching and Networking System. Popular topic for study. The following section gives an overview about the Evolution of microprocessor.

Download Telecommunication And Switching By Je Flood PDF.

List of ebooks and manuels about J e flood telecommunications switching traffic and networks pearson education. Flood, Pearson Education , Prentic e Hall, Chapter 4.

Draw the schematic of a line strowger switching system and explain how subscribers get connected. Ans: Page: 61 of Text book 1 and 56 of Text book 2 b. Explain the various design parameters of a switching system.

List of ebooks and manuels about Solution manual of telecommunication switching traffic and networks by j e flood.

Telecommunication Switching Systems And Networks. Scribd is the world s largest social reading and publishing. PDF Engineering Thermodynamics.

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Sponsored departmental switch model ds- 16b2 fabric os reference manual solution of telecommunications switching,traffic and networks by j. Free download and instructions for hstnctc manual installing the Lexmark Z InkJet Printer Driver Telecommunications switching traffic and networks je. Offering a full suite of Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching capabilities as part of the base software, the functionality for prioritizing data, voice and video traffic.

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