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As a result of project cancellation followed by the fall in crude oil prices from […]. Collaborative operations between automation and IT companies provide the best customer service experience.

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Unmatched Engineering and Industrial Software. Improve operations to new levels of efficiency, asset performance, and people productivity. Real-time solutions for control at the edge of the network because not all control decisions can be made remotely. Smart devices with embedded communication transmit process and equipment data for improved field operations. EcoStruxure Power and Process Discover how the integration of historically separate domains throughout the life cycle of a plant or process can produce significant benefits by shortening delivery cycles, optimizing operations and reducing downtime.


Use of this Web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Special Issues. Contact Us. Change code. As the petroleum industry ventures into deep and ultra-deep waters in pursuit for increased oil production to meet the global energy demand, challenges of personnel health and safety and environmental pollution have gained a considerable amount of attention.

One notable accident that has sparked this attention is the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon offshore petroleum platform that led to the spillage of oil into the water bodies. In tackling these challenges and preventing the reoccurrence of such accidents, the application of robotic automation in these environments, adjudged to be hostile and prone to high level of risk, provides the only option for safe and cost-effective operations.

With the success of robotic automation in the manufacturing and aerospace industries, the oil and gas industry aim to take the advantages of increased reliability, accuracy and efficiency provided by robotics and automation technologies in improving operations and production both onshore and offshore and limiting the exposure of human workers to explosive and harsh onshore and offshore environments. In recent times, robotic technologies such as remotely operated vehicles ROVs , autonomous underwater vehicles AUVs , underwater welding robots and teleoperated unmanned production platforms have been deployed to facilitate smooth operation and production in ultra-deep waters.

Thus, this paper investigates some of the various onshore and offshore operations such as exploration, tank and pipe inspection that require automation, the application of robotics and automation technologies to these operations, and the challenges and issues such as human-robot interaction involved in deploying robots in a dynamic environment.

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Robot automation in oil and gas facilities: Indoor and onsite demonstrations

Where Automation Connects As the demand and cost of energy rises, energy companies are investing billions in exploration and production to meet the world's needs. Automation technologies play a key role in making oil and gas extraction economical. ProSoft Technology is a U. In an ongoing quest to help our customers reduce system costs and gain greater accessibility to oil and gas systems data, ProSoft constantly strives to achieve greater integration of all system components. ProSoft Technology Custody Transfer SCADA Solutions In the oil and gas industry, the most critical application of flow measurement is undertaken by companies involved in fiscal transactions associated with the transfer of hydrocarbon gas or liquid from a seller to a buyer.

It is a high-availability, Triple Modular Redundant TMR solution with end-to-end architecture that optimizes assets and operations and reduces costs. These proven and reliable systems perform critical applications globally, utilizing a flexible Safety Integrity Level SIL configurations, a qualified manufacturing and solution delivery processes. The Ethernet backbone of the Mark VIeS Safety Management System allows each segment of the system can be configured with different levels of redundancy. This flexibility meets the specific SIL requirements for each application reducing installation tasks and maintenance costs, enabling a better lifecycle management. Our Customization of level of redundancy to meet your safety and running reliability needs. By combining secure network connectivity, certified safety function blocks, an easy to use graphical programming environment, customers can efficiently integrate standards-compliant safety capabilities to their equipment while meeting increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. PAC SafetyNet is rugged, reliable and open, and has been used worldwide in many different process applications, including power generation, gas plants, chemical and petrochemical industries, pipelines and in all sectors of the oil and gas industries.

The offshore oil industry will become a complex numerous of advanced technology, workforce, and structures. World's objectives are to identify potential​.

Automation solutions for oil and gas facilities

The document provides an introduction into the topic, an overview on products and founded explanations regarding design and function of electric AUMA actuators. On the rear pages of this brochure, you will find a a chapter with detailed technical data for swift product selection. For device selection, further information can be obtained from our separate specific data sheets. It will be our pleasure to assist you and provide any further details Who are AUMA?

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Gromakov, E. Currently, an obvious trend in the development of automated production control systems in the oil and gas industry industry is the introduction of digitalization of technological processes and production within the framework of the new industrial revolution Industry 4. The article analyzes the possible ways of digital cyberphysical transformation of automated process control systems for the oil and gas industry.

Increased competition in the oil and gas industry has forced companies to seek more cost-effective solutions, including field service software. These businesses apply the systems to manage crews, projects and tasks in different parts of the world. However, resource management in this sector entails more advanced features to ensure that tasks are performed in accordance with regulations and assets are protected against serious failures. With dedicated field service management solutions for oil and gas companies, the service operations lead to improved overall effectiveness and substantial cost reductions.

Across industries, CEOs are realizing the importance of agility in sustaining and growing their business. More than half acknowledge agility as the new currency of business and that growth relies on the ability to challenge and disrupt business norms. Despite this realization, just under half of global CIOs feel their organizations are better than competitors at responding to changes in the business environment. We see a similar perspective from CIOs regarding time to market for new products and services, indicating a lag in building agility into the fabric of the enterprise and IT. As global geopolitical activities drive uncertainty and volatility in commodity prices, oil and gas CIOs continue to be seen as critical to enabling the business to deliver at potentially depressed prices with ongoing reductions to IT cost.

ANDRITZ helps oil and gas facilities around the world bridge the gap between concept and production to achieve operational readiness - quickly, safely, reliably, and ahead of the curve. The control system in a modern industrial facility touches every piece of equipment and instrument in the plant, similar to the way the nervous system touches every muscle and receptor in the body.

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The oil & gas industry's presence is evident in its global networks of market suppl​y and demand relationships. When there are fluctuations.

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