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Measurements of AC Magnitude

In other words, the averaging of all the instantaneous values along time axis with time being one full period, T. For a periodic waveform, the area above the horizontal axis is positive while the area below the horizontal axis is negative. The result is that the average or mean value of a symmetrical alternating quantity is therefore zero, 0 because the area above the horizontal axis the positive half cycle is the same as the area below the axis the negative half cycle and thus cancel each other out. This is because when we do the maths of the two areas, the negative area cancels out the positive area producing zero average voltage. Then the average or mean value of a symmetrical alternating quantity, such as a sine wave, is the average value measured over only one half of a cycle, since as we have just stated, the average value over one complete cycle is zero regardless of the peak amplitude. The symbols used for representing an average value are defined as: Vavg or Iavg.

These AC circuits series has taken us on a journey which has seen us discuss what AC really is all about, how its generated , some histories, concepts behind AC, its waveform, characteristics and some properties. Today we will be going over some terms and quantities associated with the Alternating Current. One of the key properties of an AC waveform, asides frequency and period, is the Amplitude which represents the maximum value of an alternating waveform or as better known, the peak value. This gives us one of the major difference between AC and DC as DC based signals are steady state signals, thus they maintain a constant amplitude which is always equal to the magnitude of the DC current or voltage. The Instantaneous value of an Alternating voltage or current is the value of the current or voltage at a particular instant of time during the cycle of the waveform.

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The Study of Root Mean Square (RMS) Value

Its primary purpose was to provide me with ready access to commonly needed formulas and reference material while performing my work as an RF system and circuit design engineer. The World Wide Web Internet was largely an unknown entity at the time and bandwidth was a scarce commodity. Dial-up modems blazed along at In the case of symmetrical waveforms like the square wave, a quarter cycle faithfully represents all four quarter cycles of the waveform. As with the V rms formula, a full derivation for the V avg formula is given here as well.

An associated quantity is the root-mean-square (r.m.s). For example, the r.m.s. value of a current is used in the calculation of the power dissipated by a resistor.

Measurements of AC Magnitude

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The Web This site. A wave form is a graph showing the variation, usually of voltage or current, against time. The horizontal axis shows the passing of time, progressing from left to right. The vertical axis shows the quantity measured this is voltage in Fig 1.

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- AC Theory

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RMS Power vs. Average Power


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