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isocost and isoquant curves ppt to pdf

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Output Outputisis identical identicalalong along an anisoquant isoquant. The value of the MRTS in our example is given by:.

Isoquant and Isocost

Isoquant analysis free download as powerpoint presentation. Jul 07, isoquants are a basic tool for analyzing the choice of inputs by competitive firms. In figure 4, the isoquant iq 1 shows units of output produced by various combinations of labor and capital and the curve iq 2 shows units of output. Theory of production, in economics, an effort to explain the principles by which a business firm decides how much of each commodity that it sells its outputs or products it will produce, and how much of. If your pdf is in a presentation format, the conversion should be no problem.

The focus of this chapter is on the firm. The chapter examines the theory of production or how firms organize production i. Production theory is extended to deal with two variable inputs by the introduction of isoquants. From the theory of production where only one or two inputs are variable, we proceed to examine cases in which all inputs are variable. While going through this analysis students may feel it is a revision of the indifference curve and the budget line. Isoquant is also called as equal product curve or production indifference curve or constant product curve. Isoquant indicates various combinations of two factors of production which give the same level of output per unit of time.

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Isoquants ppt to pdf

If, in the short run, its total output remains fixed due to capacity constraint and if it is a price-taker i. Therefore, the only way to maximise profit is to minimise cost. Thus, profit maximisation and cost minimisation are the two sides of the same coin. Moreover, supply depends on cost of production. The decision to supply an extra unit depends on the marginal cost of producing that unit. The long-run production function of a firm involving the usage of two factors, say, capital and labour is represented by equal-product curve or isoquant. An isoquant traces out the combinations of any two inputs which yield the same level of output.

Isocost curve is a producers budget line while isoquant is his indifference curve. Thanks to our advanced conversion technology the quality of the output will be.


In economics an isocost line shows all combinations of inputs which cost the same total amount. For the two production inputs labour and capital, with fixed unit costs of the inputs, the equation of the isocost line is. The absolute value of the slope of the isocost line, with capital plotted vertically and labour plotted horizontally, equals the ratio of unit costs of labour and capital. The slope is:. The isocost line is combined with the isoquant map to determine the optimal production point at any given level of output.

Production function through Iso-quants. The isoquant analysis helps to understand how different combinations of two or more factors are used to produce a given level of output. Considering two factors of production, capital and labour the following table shows various combinations of capital and labour that help a firm to produce units of a product. Production with two variable inputs. From the above table, it is clear that all combinations with different quantities of labour and capital result in the same level of production of units.

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Isocosts and isoquants. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Isocosts and isoquants. Eastwood's ECO Notes Isocost lines, isoquant curves, and the HO model * Eastwood's ECO Notes Isocost lines, isoquant.

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Marginal rate of technical substitution MRTS is the rate at which a firm can substitute capital with labor.

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