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narrative inquiry in language teaching and learning research pdf

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Asian Journal of English Language Teaching

The f2f adaptation of the virtual meeting using video conferencing software has driven the teacher to have an effective and accessible synchronous learning environment, in addition to the asynchronous one. This research was a narrative inquiry participated by a CLIL Science teacher teaching the first-grader in a small town in Indonesia. By employing an in-depth interview, the data were collected and then analyzed by emotional geography frameworks. The findings showcased the f2f adaptations made by the teacher that synchronous mode of delivery was conducted in thirty minutes by careful attention on CLIL frameworks, the language s use, and students engagement. Her sociocultural, moral, professional and political geographies led her to decide what to do to make the students learning feasible. An implication of this is the possibility that the experience of how the CLIL Science teacher taught the young learners using English would be a new insight for other teachers in dealing with real-time live lesson delivery during the COVID outbreak. Cheng, X.

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This study aims to reports on my experience in developing lesson plan together with an experienced English teacher by paying attention to the learner identity. This research took place at one of the Senior High School in Karawang, I as a participant taught in class XII and the research approach used was narrative inquiry to tell my experience about developing lesson plan than for the data used reflective journal looking at learner identity that would serve as self-reflection. The findings of this study indicate that in developing the learning plan it can be seen from the learner identity factor when I teach. By seeing the learning objectives, teaching strategies and supporting facilities and infrastructure for learning can lead to learning comfort, and the teacher can be more varied in choosing a learning model and also the supporting facilities and infrastructure used. Published by: Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang Jl. Keywords: Learner identity, lesson plan, and pre-service teacher.

Asian Journal of English Language Teaching

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Narrative Inquiry and ELT Research

This reflection is really valuable so that they can use to evaluate the way they behave in their EFL classroom and to gather information from the students about their perceptions of teacher practice. Using narrative inquiry design, this study focused on examining the experience of one of pre-service teachers during three months teaching practicum. Data were obtained from the diary written by the participant after teaching and getting feedback from six students in one of vocational schools in Tasikmalaya. Furthermore, the data were analyzed using narrative analysis Ozyildirim, in order to find the use and contributions of this reflection tool for her teaching performance.

Narrative Inquiry and ELT Research

New York: Routledge, Narrative research has been widely used in fields of social sciences such as psychology, sociology, and education. Narrative inquiry is "an established umbrella term for research involving stories" Barkhuizen et al. Narrative research in the field of language teaching and learning, albeit comparatively recent, has been burgeoning since the s e. This growing body of narrative research necessitates a comprehensive understanding of what narratives entail, how to conduct narrative studies, and how to apply findings in narrative studies to practice. It offers language teachers and researchers an insightful and accessible introduction to understanding, conducting, and utilizing narrative research in the field of applied linguistics.

This chapter explores the contributions and potential of narrative inquiry in English language teaching. Two stories of experience are presented and used as a touchstone throughout the chapter. We begin by discussing key terms— narrative inquiry and English language teaching and learning —to set boundaries for the review. The latter term led to a literature of learning of English as a second, third, or other language in predominantly English-speaking cultures and environments. The former term led to an experiential literature focused on language learning in life contexts. The narrative inquiry research literature is traced through the social sciences, educational studies, and language learning literature.

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manual' (p. xii) has been written in accessible language and provides ample advice by a justification for narrative enquiry in language learning and teaching​.

Narrative Inquiry and ELT Research

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The narrative inquiry of a pre-service teacher in developing experienced teacher lesson plan with

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