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Course Description : This course is designed to discuss the basic principles and concepts, policies and programs of money, credit and banking. It also covers the role and functions of the financial institutions, the importance of the financial intermediaries as the key planner towards the development of economy. Course Rationale : The subject creates awareness on the significance of money, credit and banking in the Philippine Monetary and Financial system.

banking and financial institution

Course Description : This course is designed to discuss the basic principles and concepts, policies and programs of money, credit and banking.

It also covers the role and functions of the financial institutions, the importance of the financial intermediaries as the key planner towards the development of economy. Course Rationale : The subject creates awareness on the significance of money, credit and banking in the Philippine Monetary and Financial system.

Likewise, it explains the role of money, credit and banking in the economic growth and development of the country. Course Objectives : A. General Objective : At the end of the course, the students are expected to have gained knowledge and understanding about the basic principles, concepts and policies of money, credit and banking and financial markets. Specific Objectives : Specifically, the students must be able to: 1. Psychomotor : Mimic banking roles and activities in class.

Course Outline. Enumerate the kinds I. Money Discussion Marker Quiz Week kinds and money.. Coinage Casa de Moneda e. Classifications of Accountability Money g. The Monetary monetary standards, theories and Standards and Systems standards, laws.

Characteristics of theories and Philippine Currency laws. The Philippine Numismatic History Nationalism 5. The Monetary Conservation theories and laws of resources regarding our currency 6. The Exchange Rates 7. Credit Trust and Discussion presentation Quizzes core concepts classifications of credit. Characteristics and credit. Uses of Credit Differentiate the sources d. Sources and Bases of Efficiency Differentiated the and bases of credit. Credit sources and bases of credit. Relate the necessary 9.

Endorsement Instruments materials in credit c. Types of Bank Discovery transactions Deposits Point out the basic Contract of Loan c.

Interest Payment d. Pledge and Mortgage e. Credit Insurance Describe the Philippine Enumerate Philippine Illustrate the Philippine Banking Perseverance some key persons or tour regarding financial Related the Discuss the banking Banking Theory services history of theories Efficiency banking. Distinguish the New Monetary Board and Projects Policies State the policies and c.

Quantitative instruments of monetary Instruments of Monetary Stated the control by the control policies and Monetary Board. Government banking b capitalization Institutions c objectives a. Microfinance Diligence d laws and b. Thrift Banks Honesty policies c. Rural Banks Other Financial Institutions, Classifications and services offering Laws on : a.

Secrecy on Bank Social Deposits Responsibility b. Foreign Currency Act of the Philippines c. Philippine Deposit Insurance Act. Introduction to Philippine Money,Credit and Banking. Other References: Gittman, Lawrence J. Introduction to finance. Laman, Rosemarie B. Money, credit and banking The Basics, 5th ed. Essentials of money, credit and banking. Laguna, Philippines: L and G Publishers. Nolledo, Jose N. Manila: National Book Store.

Pagoso, Cristobal M. Principles of money, banking and credit. Thomas, Llloyd B. Money, banking and financial markets. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Periodicals , Websites Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Annual Report , and Bulletin www. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next. What is Scribd? Uploaded by Cez Abellera-Tee. Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded Apr 06, Did you find this document useful?

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Money Credit And Banking By Pagoso

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Banks are at the very centre of the financial system. Search. These areas include trading books and banking books. Economics of Money, Banking and Financial.

Money Credit And Banking By Pagoso

Paga has created a multi-channel network that enables more than 14 million Nigerian users to transfer money, make payments and shop digitally, either through its mobile app or via its 24, agents. The buyer is a multinational business with strong buying power and strong buyer credit rating; Smaller value exports Payment method 2: Bank collection This is a more secure option than an open account, whereby, as the name suggests, your bank collects the money on your behalf It is also known as a documentary collection. US News is a recognized leader in college, grad school, hospital, mutual fund, and car rankings Track elected officials, research health conditions, and find news you can use in politics.

Embed Size px x x x x It includes studies of market structure, profit strategies, relationship of commercial banks and other financial institutions, problems of asset and liability management, and theory of interest and asset prices. Understand and explain the workings of banks and other financial institutions with regards to the profitability, liquidity and solvency. Appreciate the workings of banking institutions and other financial intermediaries that are equipped with honesty and integrity.

Monetary Policy and Central Banking

A model of money, credit, and banking is constructed in which the differential pledgeability of collateral and the scarcity of collateralizable wealth lead to a term premium - an upward- sloping.


Home Curation Policy Privacy Policy. We have yet to discuss money and its role in helping to achieve our macroeconomic goals. The double column cash book also known as two column cash book has two money columns on both debit and credit sides — one to record cash transactions and one to record bank transactions. So after studying money we must study banking.

Publisher: Saylor Foundation. Although the book covers majority of concepts in money and banking, but unfortunately it seems that all data is outdated and sometime the fundamental legislative laws like Dodd-Frank act not even mentioned. Also, more discussion of bank regulating Comprehensiveness rating: 3 see less.

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Money, Credit, and Banking. 3. In our model, the to [16], there is no security motive for depositing cash in the bank. The three years.

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