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antigen antibody interactions principles and applications pdf

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The exquisite specificity of antigen-antibody interactions has led to the development of a variety of immunologic assays, which can be used to detect the presence of either antibody or antigen. Immunoassays have played vital roles in diagnosing diseases, monitoring the level of the humoral immune response, and identifying molecules of biological or medical interest. These assays differ in their speed and sensitivity; some are strictly qualitative, others are quantitative.

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12.2E: Agglutination Reactions

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Antibody Affinity Is a Quantitative Measure of Binding StrengthThe combined strength of the noncovalent interactions between a single antigen-binding site on an antibody and a single epitope is the affinity of the antibody for that epitope. Low-affinity antibodies bind antigen weakly and tend to dissociate readily, whereas high-affinity antibodies bind antigen more tightly and remain bound longer.

Determination of antibody affinity by equilibrium dialysis. Antibody is added to one compartment and a radiolabeled ligand to another. At equilibrium, the concentration of radioactivity in both compartments is measured. At equilibrium, the difference in the concentration of radioactive ligand in the two compartments represents the amount of ligand bound to antibody.

The strength of such multiple interactions between a multivalent antibody and antigen is called the avidity. For example, secreted pentameric IgM often has a lower affinity than IgG, but the high avidity of IgM, resulting from its higher valence, enables it to bind antigen effectively.

Cross-ReactivityAlthough Ag-Ab reactions are highly specific, in some cases antibody elicited by one antigen can cross-react with an unrelated antigen. Such cross-reactivity occurs if two different antigens share an identical or very similar epitope. In the latter case, the antibody's affinity for the cross-reacting epitope is usually less than that for the original epitope.

The ABO blood-group antigens, for example, are glycoproteins expressed on red blood cells. Subtle differences in the terminal residues of the sugars attached to these surface proteins distinguish the A and B bloodgroup antigens. Precipitation ReactionsAntibody and soluble antigen interacting in aqueous solution form a lattice that eventually develops into a visible precipitate. Antibodies that aggregate soluble antigens are called precipitins. Although formation of the soluble Ag-Ab complex occurs within minutes, formation of the visible precipitate occurs more slowly and often takes a day or two to reach completion.

Antibodies produced to streptococcal M antigens have been shown to cross-react with several myocardial and skeletal muscle proteins and have been implicated in heart and kidney damage following streptococcal infections. Related Papers. Antigen Antibody Interaction. By magendira mani vinayagam.

By Tapan Dutta. Bioanalytical Chemistry. By Irfan ullah. Analytic Immunologic Techniques. By Joseph Kunkel. Practical Immunology 4th ed. By Mohamed Ali. Download file.

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Antigen-antibody interaction

Fundamentals of Immunology pp Cite as. The union of antibody and antigen gives rise to a series of reactions, the qualitative or semiquantitative study of which is the domain of serology. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

Affinity and Avidity of Antibodies

Agglutination reactions are used to assess the presence of antibodies in a specimen by mixing it with particulate antigens. Agglutination is the visible expression of the aggregation of antigens and antibodies. Agglutination reactions apply to particulate test antigens that have been conjugated to a carrier. The carrier could be artificial such as latex or charcoal particles or biological such as red blood cells.

Antigen Antibody Interaction

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Diagnostic Immunology

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Antigen Antibody Interactions Principles and Applications

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Immunoassays are laboratory techniques based on the detection of antibody production in response to foreign antigens.

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Serologic Reactions for Detection of Antibodies In Vitro Serologic Applications of the Precipitation Reaction: In principle, two techniques are utilized for.

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