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research proposal on accounting and finance pdf

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The first chapter involves. A number of different terms and concepts are defined and explained, including, but not limited to, the different types of financial statements in the annual account, efficient market hypothesizes, issues related to capital structure, types of stock and sources of financing.

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Research Proposal

The purpose of this comparison is to determine what will the major. A secondary. The development of an understanding of the obstacles that inhibit the use of a CAS will be.

Table of content Content Page Abstract Background of the study Statement of the Problem Objectives of The Study General objectives Specific Objectives Material and methodology of The Study Method of Sampling Method of data Analysis Scope of the study Significance of the study Limitation of the Study Time budget Cost budget Out line of The paper The traditional view of business record keeping suggests that it is paper based and filed in a shoe.

Over the years the accounting profession and business training providers have. With the. This paper will report on the findings of a study that investigated business usage of CAS.

It begins with a review of the literature on. It concludes with a discussion of the issues that are. The primary objectives of the accounting function in an organization are to process financial information and to prepare financial statements at the end of the accounting period. To meet these primary objectives, a series of steps is required.

Walter Henson, A computerized accounting system saves a great deal of time and effort, considerably reduces if not eliminates mathematical errors, and allows for much more timely information than does a manual system. In a real-time environment, accounts are accessed and updated immediately to reflect activity, thus combining steps 2 and 3 as discussed in the preceding section. The need to test for equality of debits and credits through trial balances is usually not required in a computerized system accounting since most systems test for equality of debit and credit amounts as they are entered.

If someone were to attempt to input data containing an inequality, the system would not accept the input. Since the computer is programmed to post amounts to the various accounts and calculate the new balances as new entries are made, the possibility of mathematical error is markedly reduced.

Indira, Computers may also be programmed to record some adjustments automatically at the end of the period. Most software programs are also able to prepare the financial statement once it has been determined the account balances are correct. The closing process at the end of the period can also be done automatically by the computer. Human judgment is still required to analyze the data for entry into the computer system correctly. The mechanics of the system, however, can easily be handled by the computer.

Of course it takes much time, resources and effort in large organizations. Computerized accounting implies that the only thing that employees do is recording transactions into the computer which processes the other steps of accounting cycle automatically or by a request. But this is a very simplified view on the computerized accounting because transaction is a complex category which includes not only sales or acquisitions, but depreciation, premiums and wages calculation, dividends etc.

So computers provide accurate calculations and smart reports but it takes much time, resources and effort too and it's difficult to assess which accounting type is more fast and economic. Computer software calculates faster but it does not know what you need until you can clearly explain what exactly you need. In addition good computerized accounting system can cost thousands and even millions dollars, depending on the complexity and the size of organization. Computerized accounting provides better internal control report system for any given period of time computer can control thousands indicators simultaneously and create notifications to the appropriate departments or workers if some indicators do not correspond to the normal state , while manual control takes more time.

Statement of the Problem Every company applies accounting because it is generally accepted that companies have to reveal certain financial and management information to the government and public users and of course because accounting is indispensable tool in business decision- making process. With the development of information technologies there were developed many computer products software that make accounting as easy as ABC for those who uses them. From this point accounting can be divided into two basic categories: those which apply manual accounting and those which prefer computerized accounting systems.

Max Weber experience. This paper will target on the main features of manual and computerized accounting, their benefits and shortcomings, and their comparison. Even though accounting system is very important in producing relevant financial statements they have the following problems.

In a manual system the identity of the person entering the data can be identified possibly by the person's handwriting. This cannot be done in a computerized system. This makes it very difficult to determine who is responsible for errors or fraud.

This can be difficult to detect especially if the error does not occur frequently and only does so under particular conditions. If a computerized system is not set up properly and certain checks not put in then the computer system can be used to defraud the company. The fact that it is difficult to trace who enters the data only adds to the magnitude of this. All records and transactions are kept on paper and so an auditor has difficulty to examine them. Objectives of The Study The objectives of the study has two categories:General and specific objectives:.

General objectives To examine the over all contribution of computerized accounting system in the performance of financial statements and its usefulness in decision-making. To achieve the objectives mentioned earlier,the researcher will mainly employ both primary and secondary data sources.

Secondary data will be collected through an examination of business records and reports. The manual systems the non-users of computerized accounting system will be assessed. Method of Sampling This study involved a telephone-based interview of both users of computerized accounting systems CAS and non-users. Two separate questionnaires were developed, one for CAS users and the other for non-users. And the same thing is true for the Enderta union from the non-users of computerized accounting system.

Method of data Analysis In this study a simple quantitative analytical tools like tabulation,Percentages,Diagrams,Graphs etc will be used to analyze the data collected through primary and secondary sources.

Scope of the study Although all business organizations of our country need to asses their accounting system,this paper is limited to Dejenna Endowment companies to evaluate the effectiveness of their computerized system and the Enderta union to encourage in order to change from manual to computerized accounting system in Mekelle,the capital city of Tigray.

Above all,this research will serve for academic purposes enriching the theoretical knowledge with more practical and real world problems. The study will able to generate awareness for all levels of management decision makers,non-governmental organizations and users of accounting information for rethinking the specific issues to address and take necessary actions. Incorporated with other similar studies,this paper will help to the formulation of relevant information for decision making at local and regional levels.

Also it will pave the way for conducting similar study by others in much more detail and deeper analysis. It will also help as a partial requirement for the masters degree in accounting and finance. Limitation of the Study. In conducting this paper the researcher may face many constraints like;lack of availability of enough secondary data and it may be inconsistent with the study.

It may cost more to collect necessary data information concerning with the study objectives and asking information about the accounting system may so difficult because the employ can not be willing to give the right evidence. Out line of The paper.

This paper will organize and categorize in to five chapters. The second chapter will deal with review of the literature,which is viewed as a basic of or point of references to the discussion and analysis of the study. The third chapter will involve the organizational profile of the host organization. The fourth chapter will cover the main framework of the study,that is discussion and analysis concerning the data obtained.

The last fifth chapter will wind up with the already stated theme the study through conclusions and recommendations to the investigated problems. Walter Henson;Steps of accounting cycle and computerized accounting systems,article published,Month 8. The use of Computerized Accounting system in small business. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel.

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Legal Research Paper Proposal Mention your hypothesis or theory if applicable. A thesis abstract should consist of words or less including the heading. A research proposal may sound like a paper just for discovery and academic purposes. We have gathered 10 well-thought-out facts to make you started. A research proposal is a summary of a research project you propose to undertake.

However, the way the research will go is predetermined by the chosen topic. They include: Example 1: I. Problem or Topic II. Question III. Methodology IV.

The pros and cons of hiring personal accountants for a given individual, The effects of financial markets on large economies around the world. Accounting firms are usually requested to render sample accounting services to businesses to aid in addressing the accounting issues of the requesting business. Corporate finance is the financial relations which are connected with the distribution and achievement of the financial benefit and accumulations and their use for the various purposes of the business. In order to tackle the writing process effectively, the first thing we need to address is the outline. Accounting is a diverse issue and you have to dig in the variety of sources to come up with a good choice of financial account topics for research proposal. This research proposal "Ethics in Accounting " importance of ethics in all business-related fields.

It provides a fictitious proposal of a fictitious project in a form that may well be required of accounting and finance students. The note also provides some discussion.

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The purpose of this comparison is to determine what will the major. A secondary. The development of an understanding of the obstacles that inhibit the use of a CAS will be. Table of content Content Page Abstract Background of the study

What are some research proposal topics in accounting and. What is a Financial Proposal? McBride, www. An essential text for accounting and finance students undertaking research for the first time.

The purpose of this comparison is to determine what will the major. A secondary. The development of an understanding of the obstacles that inhibit the use of a CAS will be. Table of content Content Page Abstract

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Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) in the United States and. International After a long IASB has invited comments on the proposals in the ED 2 by March 7,. Chapter 2: In this chapter we describe the research approach we used and the methods.

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