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Supply chain management involves three levels of decisions : strategic, tactical, and operational.

It is well established that supply chains can be multitiered dynamic systems where each tier may have multiple entities such as suppliers or manufacturers and the linear flow of goods is uncommon Riddalls, Bennett and Tipi This complexity is exacerbated when entities in the supply chain may be involved in a multitude of other supply chains, each with differing requirements or objectives Sahin and Robinson In a supply chain system, there are forward flows of materials as product is moved from the supply base, to the manufacturers and eventually to the end customer.

Information Flow In Supply Chain Management With An Example Of Waste Management Company

The bullwhip effect is one of the most important issues in the supply chain management and it is present in many companies. It preserves a character of invisibility because there are lots of causes for its formation and they are usually difficult to discern. The bullwhip effect is a phenomenon of an increase in the order variability within a supply chain. The higher we are within the supply chain, the higher is the order variability. In this way the company can limit its negative repercussions and increase the profit.

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Information, money and material flow

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book provides a framework for integrating information management in supply chains. Current trends in business practice have made it necessary to explore the potential held by information integration with regard to environmental aspects. However, it is currently difficult to identify the impact of information integration on greening a supply chain in a wide range of practical applications.

Modelling Supply Chain Information and Material Flow Perturbations

The following diagram illustrates logistics information, money and material connection with each other. Information, materials and money move from suppliers to customers and vice versa. Supply chain can be very long, if suppliers order products or raw materials from own suppliers and customers deliver products further to end-customers. In logistics material flow goes at first from suppliers to customers from upstream to downstream and information and money flow from customers to suppliers from downstream to upstream. When it is a reverse flow recycle stream products however, return to suppliers.

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Simple bread and butter with which we eat each day, actually gets to us through several processes. In this instance, bread begins its journey with the farmer who sows the seeds and sells the wheat to the businessman, who in turn sells it to the baker who bakes the bread. This is a description of supply chain management in a nutshell. In other words, supply chain management is a network of those businesses that are interconnected with each other in either the manufacturing of products, or delivering services, that are required by consumers. It is very important for businesses to ensure two things for their supply chain to be effective, one is the supply chain should be cost effective and second it should deliver the results on time.

Show all documents In addition, Dubey, Veeramani and Gutierrez establish that the SC considers a set of approaches utilised to efficiently integrate companies, which compose the workgroups, in order to correctly produce and distribute customer requirements. In this context, it is possible to support knowledge management KM in a collaborative manner by sharing the right information among the players of these workgroups.

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Modelling Supply Chain Information and Material Flow Perturbations

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The importance of information flow within the supply chain


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Discusses the importance of information flow within the relatively complex supply chain of a communications company with centralized European production centres and national sales and service organizations.

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Practical implications - Managers need to selectively invest in IT according to an overall supply chain integration strategy, which also takes softer.

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